My 2021 in review: What a year!

My 2021 in review: What a year!

What a year


This year was everything man, I was at my lowest and my highest in a space of months. This is my first time writing a yearly review, so I'd keep it short for us πŸ™πŸ½.

After deciding to take programming seriously in January, I'd start with the lossesπŸ™‚.

Losses πŸ˜”.

  • My mental health went down the drain when I started losing out on relationships that held value and engaging in less valuable ones. Most of these happened in school.

  • I felt a compromise in identity for months as a result of (1). Funny how I never came honest to myself early enough.

  • As a result of (1), my progress on taking software engineering as a career was deteriorating and I got confused at some point.

  • Socially, I was feeling less confident and got lonely.

To be honest, I lost out on a lot as a result of bad relationships with both genders. No regrets though, just lessons.


  • I took technical writing as a thing and started polishing my writing skills. I applied to tech content marketing agencies and got into two of them.

  • I started reading more books and focused on my interests (behavioural psychology and career improvements). This helped me regain my sense of identity even though I was alone(mentally).

  • I applied for HNG as a backend engineer intern and emerged as a finalist. This boosted my confidence and made me believe more in my abilities. I met a couple of folks at HNG(Dayo, Peju, Ose, Tito) and these guys helped me improve my skills. Fun times πŸ˜…

  • I started handling all of my bills myself(thanks to tech writing).

  • I started writing better code and improved on my problem-solving. I started using technologies I just saw people talk about(e.g Typescript, Swagger, Github workflows). Huge thanks to HNG.

  • I started getting creative rejection emails πŸ’€.

Honestly, this year was the longest for me.

During the bad times, I picked up some valuable lessons.

  • Maintain quality relationships.

  • Cut off/ Avoid unnecessary relationships.

  • Stay focused to maintain clarity.

Ultimately, focus on yourself ❀️

Taking this year's lessons to 2022 βš™.

See y'all in the next β›“.