My HNG Journey (HNGi8)

My HNG Journey (HNGi8)

Heya! I’d be joining the HNG internship this summer!

I’ve been waiting for this internship program since I finished Zuri( training. It really has been a long year trying to hone my skills and stay consistent as a developer.

I am a developer using both frontend and backend technologies to build applications and solve real-world problems. Frontend technologies I use include: HTML, CSS, Javascript/Typescript, Reactjs and Tailwind. Backend tech I use: Nodejs/Expressjs, MongoDB.

And No, I’m not full-stack.

Let me share some of my goals for this internship:

1. Become a better developer:

Yeah, really! Everyone wants to become a better developer. But, if you’ve seen the quality of an HNG finalist or anyone who diligently passed through HNG, you’d know what I’m talking about.

2. Improve my teamwork and communication skills:

Having to deal with people both in the workspace and as a team is going to require a good chunk of people skills on my end. Yeah, If you asked – I’m prepared for it :)

3. Connect with more people:

This my friend is one of my ultimate goals! If you are reading this, I would love to connect with you to rub minds and add vibes :). Send a dm via Twitter . Thanks!

4. Get more industry experience building projects:

It’s going to be long interesting 3 months of building projects at HNG and I am looking forward to adding to my skills.

5. Become a Finalist.

Just before you hop off this page, if you would like to learn the following, here are some tutorial resources:

Anddd, about connecting with you(yeah, I meant it :)) - how about we link up on Twitter? @devteni.

Also, if you enjoyed this article, let me know in the comments. Thanks for reading!