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How To Upload Your React Projects To Github In 6 Easy Steps

How To Upload Your React Projects To Github In 6 Easy Steps

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Teniola Fatunmbi
·Apr 23, 2021·

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Have you ever had to copy and paste from folder to folder when you uploading your projects to Github? There's nothing to be ashamed of, I used to do this (before). Is it efficient?

How about this? Follow me as I show you 7 easy steps to upload your react projects(or any project at all) to Github.


  1. If it's a react project, make sure to have created your react project with preferred Toolchain(e.g Create-react-app or NextJs).
  2. Create a repository with your intended project name

From the terminal/Command line, move into your project folder.

If your projects is the Documents folder, enter

> cd Documents/project-folder

Enter "git init".

> git init

Enter "git add . or git add -A"

> git add .

Enter "git commit -m "first commit".

> git commit -m "first commit"

Enter "git remote add origin github.com/username/reponame.git"

The dummy URL is the URL to your git repository which you can copy from github.

> git remote add origin https://github.com/username/reponame.git

Enter "git push -u origin master".

> git push -u origin master

Woo hoo! You've uploaded your project to github in just a few minutes.

I hope this article helps someone.

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